Living in Canada, people don’t always tie the knot in summer. This means we get to practice our skills as winter wedding photographers. Matt and his wife Crystal are long time friend with Marissa. So when she let Matt & Crystal know she was engaged, her first two questions were, if Crystal could be her bridesmaid, and if Matt could photograph the big day. The answer was yes to both. So Matt and his wife Crystal headed down west with Julie & her husband at the end of November for this winter wedding in Calgary.

Marissa & Solomon are such loving people. It’s obvious to see that they cherish their relationships more than anything. Friends and family came from B.C., Alberta, & Saskatchewan came to the wedding.

“…We don’t always photograph weddings in Calgary…”

Their weather on their wedding day ended up being beautiful, with amazing “winter” light for the photographs. We don’t always photograph weddings in Calgary, but when we do, we’re always blown away.

The MJ&Co. Team