Moment by Moment.

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I am a creative. I use photography and video as tools to capture moments and memories. I don’t really care to point a camera at clouds, sunsets, or animals. Not because I don’t think they are pretty. I just find the human connection so much more beautiful. I choose to find the good in the world. I am seeking the beautiful moments where your husband is smiling at you, your kids are laughing, and your mother playing with her grand kids.

I put myself in your shoes, and I tune in to your world. I create images that I would want. I look for the magic moments that you never want to forget.

I believe those moments should be relived. I believe that they matter and are so worth remembering.


"You captured who we are!"

- David Stobbe

"You captured who we are!"

- David Stobbe

My Dream Clients:

You value your family, and you dream big for them. You want the best for those around you and put your energy into others and their goals. You have strong opinions, but can relate and accept the differences in others. You appreciate a good conversation, and strive to be the best you can be. You are open to ideas that challenge you, and desire a life of love and gratitude.

Is that you? I can’t wait to meet you.

Why choose me?

I get it. I honestly do. If you’re like me you probably feel like life is moving at a million miles a minutes. You’re like John Mayer singing “stop this train…” These are the moments and memories of your life. Your commitments, your milestones, your greatest accomplishments. I know what it’s like to feel that life is beautiful, and wishing you could stop it. Until someone makes a time machine, I’ll have to rely on photographs and videos to relive the moments that made who I am. 


Print Maker

One of my favourite things to do with a photograph is print them. Prints made in my studio are included with every session. From start to finish, I’ll take care of you and walk you through a process that is fun, and beautiful. We will plan your session based on who you are. We will have a blast filming and photographing your loved ones. The last step is making them into beautiful prints to place on your wall. Your guests will stare at the beautiful moments displayed on your wall. You’ll love sipping coffee on a Sunday morning and seeing reminders of what life was like.


Photo & Film

You don’t have to choose. It’s just included in your session. Hybrid sessions let us tell your story with both photographs and a beautiful keepsake film. Trust me, you’ll love it! 


Don’t miss a moment.

I’m in this for the long haul. I want to see your family grow. From engagement sessions to growing families, together we can build a legacy of photographs and share your story.


These images are everything to me!

Molly lux MJ&Co. client

Matt was awesome to work with, and I tell everyone I know to book with him! He photographed our engagement photos and wedding photos, and the first time we met I instantly felt a level of comfort and friendship with him. He made taking photos so fun and easy! After our engagement photos I was extra excited for wedding photos because I knew having Matt there that day would make photos easy and a fun experience for everyone. Plus at the end you get amazing, professional photos (and videos!) that you’ll want to display forever. I don’t have enough good things to say about Matt. He’ll be my go-to photographer forever!

Katelynn Foth

MJ&Co. Client, Saskatoon, SK

I’ve known Matt for years, and have become great friends with him. My family and I knew we were moving away from Saskatoon to Toronto with our two kids, and Matt helped us plan a session to capture our life. Instead of just photos in a park, he insisted we photograph near our home. I’m so glad we did! We had him create a canvas of our family in front our home. These pictures mean everything to me! He perfectly captured our life and where it all started.

Molly Lux

MJ&Co. Client, Saskatoon, SK

Let’s find out if we are the right fit for your life.

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