Dan & Stacey might be one of the most laid back couples we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. They had an extremely deep love for each other, and a desire to have a wedding that reflected their uniqueness and beliefs. Breaking the mold of traditional weddings, they had a beautiful evening ceremony that flowed right into the reception.

The Lux Events team was chosen by Stacey, to help design this one of a kind day. They transformed The Bassment (one of Saskatoon’s most famous Jazz Clubs) into a beautiful venue with custom lighting, and layout. Instead of having a full formal dinner, they decided to have more people mingling with appetizers brought in by PickNic’s, informal seating and standing room, a unique custom drink menu at the bar, and servers with food and drinks. Probably the most amazing part was the non stop live music.

Mark Zielke, a Saskatoon professional pianist started the night tickling the ivories (yes that is a reference to Tangled). Dan, our wonderful groom may be the biggest reason for the next two performances. Dan was a drummer for The Wheat Monkeys and toured with Jordan Cook & S.J. Kardash out of high school.

We can’t imagine a more perfect wedding for this couple. Thank you Dan & Stacey for having us.

The MJ&Co. Team