A Night at the Club

Check out the wedding day of Sarah & Shayne.

Seriously! If I had to do it all over again, I’d copy Sarah and Shayne’s wedding day. They got everything right. I’m the type of person who loves to make things special for the ones I love. Sarah is a teacher. The kind of teacher you know cares so much about her students. The kind of teacher that goes the extra mile, and then some. And Shayne! Well he is charming, sweet, and loves Sarah. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe the energy they shared with everyone who was a part of their wedding day. They had custom made activity bags at the reception for all the kids, gifts for everyone who helped make it happen, and the reception was filled with little touches that made the evening incredible! They also had one of Saskatoon’s best wedding planners Crystal from RSVP Event Design to design an evening that was special for everyone.


“The truth is, it’s not about all those things.”


And special it was! They had Daryl from Vector Coffee run a coffee bar with custom stamped cups making latte’s and cold brew. The Reception was held at The Saskatoon Club with an incredible meal by famous Chef Anthony McCarthy. They also had the best dessert bar I’ve ever seen. The truth is, it’s not about all those things. It’s what it meant for Sarah and Shayne to treat their loved ones. So cheers to you guys, your beautiful day, and your massive hearts! Thank you for making our team feel like one of you.

Much love!

Matt from MJ&Co.

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