Paul & Erin

A forest wedding in Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

Can’t say enough good things! MJ&co were our photographers for our June 2017 forest wedding at the beautiful Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan. Being a photographer myself, I could picture how I wanted to look back on our big day, and Matt did an amazing job at bringing our day to life.

“Not a moment or detail was missed…”


Not a moment or detail was missed, even the little ones we didn’t know were happening were captured for us to look back on for years to come. Matt is not only a great photographer, but he quickly becomes a great friend and makes your wedding day so comfortable & fun in front of the camera. I am so thankful that we have countless memories documented by you! 

– Erin

Erin is a friend of mine. I met her because she is also a photographer. An incredible photographer. Paul made me belly laugh SO HARD!!! You can tell he is a bright character just from looking at the photographs. Paul and Erin’s families were also so welcoming and warm. Erin’s friend Laurie Brown is a fashion designer and created Erin’s gorgeous wedding dress. Her friend Holly Decker (one of Saskatoon’s best make up artists) did her makeup. Erin was a bombshell!!!


“…photographing another photographer…”


There isn’t anything more nerve wracking that photographing another photographer. I get nervous for most photo shoots anyways, so photographing Erin and Paul had me sweating bullets. I didn’t want to disappoint. I scouted the park the day before the wedding, and wanted to make sure the light and scenery weren’t just good, but epic! I think I had 3 extra locations picked out too. We used only the first one (which I knew was the best), and I think the photographs speak for themselves. I wanted to capture their day as perfectly and completely as possible, and Erin told me she was thrilled with the photographs. Looking back on this wedding brings a lot of fond memories, and I still smile every time I look back at this moment I was able to capture for my friends Erin & Paul. I had such a great time with them and it was a great reminder of why I love what I do! Erin has such a kind heart and I feel so honoured to have been chosen to photograph her wedding

– Matt

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