Jeff & Jackie

A wedding in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Rather than force a bunch of unfamiliar poses and scenes, the most important thing for us was to have a photographer capture the memories as they happened on our big day, not try to fabricate them. MJ&Co. did just that: they became more of an extension of the wedding party, and the photos were simply a by-product of the wonderful time we were having that day.

Their years of experience put us at ease and the whole process was polished. They gave us advice leading up to the wedding on more than just photos, and we appreciated how they went above and beyond what we thought a photographer would. The cherry on top was the quick turnaround. While some brides were receiving their photos from months past, we had our photographs in two weeks…

“…they went above and beyond what we thought a photographer would.”


We can’t say enough great things about MJ&Co. and are so grateful for the work they did to capture the happiest day of our lives.

– Jeff & Jackie

Jeff & Jackie were awesome to work with! They had a large wedding party and everyone was so fun to spend the day with. Their families were so sweet. Their wedding was located at Champetre County near St. Denis which is east of Saskatoon. Her dress was stunning and Jeff’s tux was a perfect match.

“…the perfect day.”


These two are a power couple and yet they are some of the most welcoming and loving people I’ve met.  It was a blast from the start to the end. and the perfect day. It was beautiful and bright and we got a hazy evening sunset with super soft light before the reception. I think the photos speak for themselves. I love them!

– Matt

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