Arjunn & Stacy

A wedding in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We hired MJ&Co. for our wedding in the fall of 2018 and the experience was great! We had heard of them before and had attended weddings that they were the photographers  at so we had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Matt and Janna made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera (neither my wife or I are naturals at this) and captured our engagement and wedding in the style that we were looking for. 

“…they caught both the smallest and biggest details.”


Our wedding had some significant cultural moments that they were able to capture wonderfully and made sure they caught both the smallest and biggest details. Definitely would recommend them if you are looking for a photographer! 

– Arjunn Sachdev

I met Arjunn and Stacy a year earlier because of their close friends, Divya and Kent. Arjunn and Stacy are such a warm couple! On top of that, they have great taste in fashion. They looked incredible on both days.  Multi-day weddings are always high energy and a blast to be a part of. Early mornings and so many moving parts to catch. After sending Arjunn their photos, he texted “These photos are ???!!!” Which made me so happy. Arjunn and Stacy had the baraat and Sik ceremony on day one, and on Day 2 they had their western wedding at the Remai Modern. We got to work with our good friend Alan Yuen from Insomniak media who did their videography. Arjunn and Stacy were so kind and it was important to them that we were part of their day. Arjunn insisted that I put my camera down at the end of the day and enjoy a drink and the party.


“…so happy that they love their images!”


There is always a lot of pressure that I put on myself when it comes to weddings. Arjunn & Stacy’s wedding had more parts to their day that we planned for. With any client, I want to blow them away with the way I capture and tell their story. I had my game plan ready and worked my butt off to get in there and make images that they would love and share with their kids. I’m very proud of the work we delivered and am so happy that they love their images. 

– Matt

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