When we look back to the summer of 2013, we remember the glistening warm sun, brilliant forests, and the perfect setting for a wedding. We travelled to the beautiful Elk Ridge Resort located in the Prince Albert National Park, to capture Jocelyn and Anthony’s blissful event.  The day was filled with such incredible emotions and happiness, and we were so happy to be sharing their special gathering with their family and friends.

“The day was filled with such incredible emotions and happiness…”

The temperature was absolutely perfect during the July afternoon, and the gorgeous green golf fields were lit up by the sun. The ceremony and the reception both took place at the resort. The reception was downstairs in an elegant eating space where we snapped some lovely photos. We also took the couple and wedding party for a walk through the surrounding forest filled with tall pines and breath taking scenery.

The day couldn’t have gone better. Despite the bugs that we were faced with a few times during the day, everything seemed to fall into place, and we as wedding photographers, had an awesome day and felt so welcomed. We wish the best for Jocelyn and Anthony. It was simply a summer time fairytale.

The MJ&Co. Team