Weather can’t always be in our favour, and in David and Nicole’s case,  the rain kept coming down and slimming their chances for a dry outdoor ceremony. Rain was pouring down on the open acreage, decorated intimately and sweet like. It was wonderful and it felt homey. You could see the love in not only the soon to be husband and wife, but the friends and family who helped put it all together. It was lovely. We huddled under umbrella’s awaiting some sort of break in the clouds.

Mother nature seemed to be on the couple’s side and cleared away the clouds and beamed down sunshine 30 minutes before the ceremony began! Rain drops could be seen sparkling in the light and a beautiful glow took over the acreage. Family and close friends began preparing for the event to take place and basked in the sun’s rays. Earlier in the day, we were able to capture the first look between the bride and groom. The connection between the couple was indescribable. The twinkle in their eye’s formed grins upon their cheeks that could make anyone smile in that special moment. We were also able to take some country feeling photos against the old fence line and in the open scenery.

Under the homemade arch made from trees, wrapped in soft fabric, the bride’s maids stood in purple gowns holding ravishing bouquets of flowers. The audience watched as David and Nicole shared their first kiss as husband and wife, and the newly weds walked through a sea of bubbles as they held each other hand in hand.

The wedding we witnessed at this acreage was simply special and we thank David and Nicole for asking us to help in sharing this moment with them, and capturing it forever. Congratulations you two, and we wish you the all the happiness in the world.

The MJ&Co. Team