Molly is an event planner based in Saskatoon with her company Lux Events. She is an extremely talented event designer who we are quite fond of! We’ve worked together on multiple projects, and can’t say enough good things about her. Lux Events is responsible for organizing some of the biggest events in Saskatoon. But we’re just going to share why we think she’s so awesome, and why we think you should get in touch with her!

“What if there was a perfect plan for your day?”

Is planning and scheduling important? Most people aren’t experienced with all the options when it comes to planning a wedding. They might have some magazines, and maybe experience with a friends wedding. That is it! What about non conventional wedding days? What if there was a perfect plan out there just for your day? Molly has it for you! She knows how long things take. She knows when invitations should be sent out. She knows how to arrange large wedding parties on a small church stage. She knows when and where people should walk in, and when music should play. She knows enough so you don’t have to!

Brides can often under estimate the amount of work it is to put everything together. This is where Mollly shines. Her attention to detail, and experience help her put your dreams into a manageable plan so that your wedding is the wedding you want. Molly with her team strive to understand not just the aesthetics, but also the entire vibe a bride wants for her friends and family.

Knowing what a bride wants is just the first part. Molly and her team make magic happen when it comes to bringing everything together. Her vast knowledge of available rentals, retailers, and her experience with vendors helps design a perfect event. Molly’s job takes the pressure of not only the bride, but the mom’s, and bridesmaids.

To see her expertise, check her site out here: and take a look at the photo’s below, credit to Lux Events, and her team of awesome vendors.

The MJ&Co. Team