The Slater Family

An Emma Lake Lifestyle session.

I’ve been going to Emma Lake for years, but I’d only consider myself an Emma Lake Family Photographer since last summer.

It’s been really special for me to capture what lake life is all about. Because Emma Lake is such a core of my own families summer, I can really connect with other families who spend their free weekends and holidays up there.


“It didn’t feel like a photo session, just time together.”


Jenn was trying to setup a session with me earlier in the summer, but it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Their two boys Tyce and Preston are teenagers, with summer jobs. A weekend with everyone together wasn’t going to happen. I ran into Jenn the last weekend of August, and we chatted about our weekend plans. We were both heading up to Emma Lake. I asked her if the entire family was going to be there. She said yes! So we squeezed in a session on September 1st. It was a great morning. The forecast wasn’t great for the weekend, so it made for a calm day on the lake. We lucked out with the sun coming out and a perfect day on the water. We had the entire lake to ourselves. This is one of my favourite keepsake films! Most of my families have younger kids, and the Slaters were the first with teenagers. It was fun to be on the boat all together just having fun. It didn’t feel like a photo session, just time together. I’m really happy we were able to make it work this year. Thank you for having me!

– Matt Ramage

Keepsake Film

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