A photography session with the Briske family.

I’m very fond of these four. This was the second time I had the pleasure of photographing their family. Usually I work with couples and families starting at their wedding. For Dani and Byron, our relationship started at a wedding, but not theirs. They were in the wedding party of Andy and Allison back in 2015. After that, Dani started following us on instagram and Facebook. I made a video of my family from the lake (the one in my about us page) and she loved it! She wanted it of her family. That was the start! Since then we’ve become friends, and we’ve gotten to know each other. My favourite thing to do as a photographer is not just photograph a family, but follow them through the years. I was really excited to be photographing them again. This time was Thanksgiving 2019.

“I was really excited to be photographing them again.”

Life is a train. Is moving with or without you. Having kids I often ask myself where did the time go? For Dani and Byron, I can tell family and their relationships are so important to them. It’s really special for me to help them document their life, and see them grow. This session was a really sweet one. I’ve gotten to know their two little girls, and it’s really fun how kids open up to me. They were running around the lawn, showing me their pumpkins they carved, and gave me the best smiles. I really enjoyed being able to just watch, document, and have fun with them. Since this was captured on Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I’d reflect on how thankful I am for the people I get to work with. It’s not just another photo session to me. This is the part of what I do that gives me life and energy. I’m so glad I’ve been able to connect with your family, and document what matters most to you.

Matt from MJ&Co.

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