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What Engagement Photography sessions should be like.

There was no wind, and the beach was empty as we walked out onto Paradise Beach. It was exactly what we hoped for when planning out Patrick and Ellen’s romantic engagement session. Because this beach is on the South Saskatchewan River, it’s different every year. For 2019, it’s been AMAZING! The beaches on the river have the softest sand anywhere! It’s soft on your feet, and as a perk, it is super photogenic.


“Having a romantic fire on the beach is a perfect fit for who they are.”


Patrick and Ellen loved our sessions where couples had a small romantic fire. Having a romantic fire on the beach is a perfect fit for who they are. They spend a lot of time adventuring, and wanted photographs that represent who they are. We photographed some portraits in some regular outfits waiting for the sun to drop down. Once the sun was low enough, we were able to start capturing the photos we came for. It was beautiful. They brought everything to make some s’mores. This is the kind of photo session that tells a story of who a couple is. I think that’s what makes photographs go from good to great.

– Matt from MJ&Co.

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