She Said Yes!

The engagement session of William and Madalina

I met William earlier in 2019 while photographing a professional headshot for his company. He came down to the studio for the session and saw the gorgeous canvas prints we had hanging on our studio walls. He said “I want that!”. I always get excited when people want our prints. I told him that the first step was to photograph him and his partner. We set up a session date. While planning out how we were going to capture him and Madalina, he told me that he was going to propose! I was like “HECK YES!”

“He got down on one knee and asked Madalina to marry him.”


He didn’t know where to do it. So after a couple conversations we landed on photographing the proposal outside the Remai Modern. I was pumped. We did some photographs to warm them up. I was a little nervous, but told him that we were in the perfect spot to do it. So he did it the classy way. He got down on one knee and asked Madalina to marry him. She didn’t need any convincing! She said yes! After they were engaged, we took a walk down the trails of River Landing here in Saskatoon. All the while they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I knew they were a good match. Thank you so much for asking me to be part of this! I’m excited to photograph your wedding!

Matt from MJ&Co.

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