Family Photography that matters.

A family photography session of Matt Ramage and his family.

As a photographer, it’s easy to get busy doing family photography for everyone, and neglect my own family. My wife Crystal and I decided that we should do at least one photo session a year. At MJ&Co. it’s our second year doing hybrid sessions. It’s not your normal family photography session. It’s the MJ&Co. experience. We use photography and film to document and preserve our clients life. We wanted someone to do it for us.

We are lucky to have such an AWESOME team! Thalia and Andrea are both talented creatives, and after working with MJ&Co. for the last year and a bit, I passed the torch to them and asked them to create for me, what I’ve been creating for others. They didn’t disappoint. Thalia and Andrea created the best set of family photographs we’ve ever had!


“Thalia and Andrea created the best set of family photographs we’ve ever had!”


We are storytellers at MJ&Co. Every session starts with a discovery call where we learn about our clients life. What they do for fun. What a perfect day looks like to them. For our family, we spend a lot of time walking to the park in our neighbourhood. We’ve had many photo sessions in beautiful fields and by the river. We wanted something that really told our story. It turned out perfect. We just did what we do. There is so much meaning to these photos! I can’t even begin to describe how special they are to me. I know these photographs will become more precious over time because there is so many artifacts of our real life. Thank you so much for capturing our life. It means the world to us.


– Matt & Crystal Ramage

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