Kieran & Jenn

A dream session for an engagement photographer.

Fall photo sessions in Saskatoon hit their prime for only a hand full of days. These two might have gotten the best fall session ever! Engagement sessions are the first time I get to show most couples what I can create. It’s not just their first time working with me. It is usually the first time my clients are getting professional photos as a couple. Engagement sessions are really fun for me. I love connecting with my clients before their wedding day. We go out, hang out, and have fun. The best smiles are always the real ones. Photo sessions shouldn’t feel like work. They should be fun. I like to take care of my clients, and just see what happens. This session is a great example of that.


“It looked like a scene from the Lion King!”


Near the end of their session, the sun was perfectly shining through the clouds. I don’t remember a sunset so orange. It looked like a scene from the Lion King! Kieran and Jenn loved their photos and video, and told me they are so excited to share them with friends and family. Thanks for having fun with me! I’m excited for your big day next summer.


– Matt Ramage

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