Jesse & Andrea

A Beautiful Lifestyle Session in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Thank you so much for photographing Jesse and I! You asked me if I liked them. I don’t just like these photos, I !@#$ing love them!

“I don’t just like these photos, I !@#$ing love them!”


Jesse and I were blown away when Matt presented the keepsake video and gallery to us for the first time at his studio. We’ve never had our photos taken by a professional photographer before, and the entire experience was nothing short of amazing. Matt and his team captured many beautiful moments that I was unaware of and made us feel immediately comfortable. If you’re looking for a professional team to photograph/film you and your loved ones, I HIGHLY recommend MJ&Co.!!!


– Andrea An

Andrea has been with the MJ&Co. team for just over a year, and just like Thalia, she’s worked hard. As one of the rewards for reaching our goals, Andrea earned a couples session with her boyfriend Jesse. These two are such a cute couple.

They are both musicians, which is the reason they met in the first place. Together they run Nolita Studios, and do awesome work for musicians. Their business is growing so fast and will probably get too busy to stay with us, but I am grateful to have Andrea around working with the team.


“They are both musicians, which is the reason they met in the first place.”


We planned their session and incorporated their love for music by having them bring guitars. We headed down to the river, built a little fire out of drift wood, and they sang a few songs around the fire. Sessions shouldn’t be just pretty, they should be you. Thank you for getting sand in your shoes with us!


– Matt Ramage

Keepsake Film

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