Don't Stress

Sit back, relax and enjoy the day.

Every time I talk to a new couple I ask them what would make their wedding day a 10 out of 10. Want to know what the most common things both brides and grooms say? They say they want a stress free day, and that their guests have a great time (and some beautiful pictures to look back on ?). 

“The secret to a stress free day is…”


My goal as a wedding vendor is to help make that happen. The secret to a stress free day is to plan everything out. I work with my couples to build a timeline with all the details so they know when I’m showing up, what groupings we will capture during the family photos, and go over any must have shots like a 4 generation photograph with your mom, grandma, and great grandmother. This may be the most helpful tip I can give to any bride looking to have a beautiful day.


– Matt


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