We can’t help but love being around people like Andrew & Ashley. They had a private first look, and planned a beautiful moment for just the two of them before the main events of the day took place. We could instantly tell they were excited the way he smiled at her, and how they embraced so tight. Their wedding party was filled with loved ones who meant a lot, and supported them and were pumped for their marriage.

Everything just felt right with these two, and we can’t help but smile when looking back on these pictures. Their ceremony took place at the same church their parents and grandparents were married at, which was a charming little church past Birch Hills. We found some amazing places on our way back to grab a few pictures and keep sheltered from the wind. Back in Prince Albert, we did the reception photography at the Prince Albert Inn. A beautiful venue that comfortably held all the guests. Last but not least – they had a custom menu for Andrew & Ashley that was top notch and included some of their favourites like bannock.

You two are wonderful, and we can tell your marriage will be one to aspire too. Congratulations!!

The MJ&Co. Team