Where do we start with this wedding adventure? Destination weddings aren’t typical, and this one wasn’t your typical destination wedding. Nathan and Lilian had Matt & Julie join them for their destination wedding in Juneau Alaska. It was a 7 day cruise trip aboard the Celebrity Century, starting at the port in Vancouver with all the stops throughout Alaska.

“…this one wasn’t your typical destination wedding.”

To make a long story short(er), on day 5 we ventured out with their 70 guests to watch them get married! It takes the cake for being the most exotic place we’ve worked. The wedding took place in a small church on a remote island, with orca whales surfacing in sight near the island. We had exceptional weather for us and their family to enjoy. The cruise director couldn’t believe how beautiful it was all week, and the wedding day was no exception.

We photographed around the Shrine of St. Therese  which included enormous trees, with mossy rocks, and the low tide area with the breath taking view of the mountains. Nathan and Lilian’s guests enjoyed the history and grandeur of the island as much as we did.

We soon left for a beautiful glacier where we captured a photo of all the guests. Along with some more beautiful portraits. It was a treat for everyone to be able to enjoy the wedding day, and along with some of the most unique places we’ve ever seen. We weren’t the only ones with cameras either! Many of the guests were rocking close to the same cameras we use!

We were sad to leave Juneau, but we had to head back to the ship for the reception dinner. We enjoyed a 4 course meal with some wonderful wine, in the ships most prestigious restaurant. The ship departed while we were enjoying our meal, and we had a port side view of the harbour as we left Juneau. We can safely say that it was the best meal we have EVER had!

A cruise wedding party of 20 is considered large. Nathan & Lilian had over 70 guests total who enjoyed the day and evening. The program was filled with heart warming personal stories, and a beautiful tea ceremony, all pointing to the unending love Nathan & Lilian have for each other and everyone in their lives.

Matt & his wife Crystal, along with Julie & her husband Chris, felt like long time friends with Nathan and Lilian by the end of the week! An adventure to talk about for years to come! Congratulations Nathan & Lilian! Don’t forget to check out our behind the scenes.