Behind the Scenes

About MJ&Co.

MJ&Co. is a professional wedding and portrait studio based in Saskatoon, SK started by me Matt Ramage. I’ve shot over 200 weddings over the past 11 years, and hundreds of lifestyle sessions. Brides and mothers hire me because they don’t want to forget what matters most to them, and I know how to capture it. I use photography and video to give them something to hold onto.

Real moments

My favourite photographs are the ones that make me smile. I believe it is important to be authentic, because the best photos are when you get to be you. That’s why every picture you see on this website is a real moment with real people. This photo is my wife Crystal and I.

Still reading?

I’m glad.

I’m a little bit crazy. I’ve heard that makes a person more likeable, so that makes me feel better about the whole thing. Welcome to my world.

This is a picture of my wifey Crystal and I. We were just babies when we got married back in July of 2007. July 7, to be exact. That’s 7 – 7 – 7.

We thought we were so cool.

We’ve been married for a while, and we’ve seen some of what life can be. The highlights include having three kids, Crystal finishing her Nursing Degree and becoming an RN, and of course, my journey into being a photographer.

We’ve lived with my parents two times between house builds, four vehicles, paying off debt, getting more debt, making lunches, getting the kids to school on time, being late getting the kids to school, trying to learn what being a good dad means, trying to figure out what it means to be a good husband, and trying to figure out what it means to be a good businessman.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I get that life is unique, challenging, and beautiful. It inspires me to make sure during the rush of it all, that I look at my life with gratitude and love.

My name is Matt Ramage.

Moment by moment.

I’m at the lake. We are walking to the dock to head out onto the water. I look at my wife. She looks back, and we both smile.

Everything is as it should be. Time seems to stand still.

We call these kinds of moments magic. They are the in between moments. They are the moments that remind us what matters most to us. They disarm us. I have my camera in my hand, and raise it up and push record.

This is that day.


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